“I am inspired everyday by the idea of what can be accomplished.” Words from the Aurora Illinois Composer/Producer/Instrumentalist who has devoted his life to communicating through musical expression. WooliebuGGer began creating music at the age of 14, through independent exploration and self-taught skill. He made connections with friends who introduced him to the convenience of samplers and synthesizers. Years of experimentation and practice has brought him to produce music in the Electronic, Minimal, Ambient, Glitch, and Experimental genres. Each song he develops is individual and raw. He has the unique ability construct a song with elements of the 90’s, but still is distinctive in nature. The innovative artist places no limitation on creativity and ensures that his pursuit is done out of “pure passion and love for the art form.” A few of the artists who have undeniably influenced and shaped WooliebuGGer’s style today include Brian Eno, Kraftwerk,Oval, Mouse on Mars, Future Sound Of London, Cornershop, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Stereolab, Bruce Haack, Perry Kingsly, Pink Floyd, The doors, and The Beatles. These artists, in one way or another, have reminded him of the exact reason he became so captivated with music. WooliebuGGer is a creative who insists on taking on challenges and taking new approaches. He is a wearer of many hats and enjoys his multi-faceted capabilities. Be sure to give his latest album, “Stellar Communication” a listen, and keep up with all the happenings of this tenacious artist!














https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/music-review-constant-evolution-parts-1-2-wooliebugger_ us_598f78ffe 4b0caa1 68 7a609a







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Kolade Olamide

I am a poet , writer, beat maker, chef, songwriter, web designer, music promoter,digital marketer, blogger and director.

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