I Am One Of A Kind

Charles “CP” Caldwell and Dwayne “Deacon” Jackson formed I Am One Of A Kind in 2002, infusing rhythm and blues and hip hop, evoking emotion filled songs that make listeners take pause. However, understanding that a unique and seamless blend of music genres is what make new artists stand out, they welcomed a new member to the group, Leon “Big Lee” Harris, in 2006. This lyrical commander completed the I Am One Of A Kind sound making them a contemporary group that delivers a solid music experience. To check out I Am One Of A Kind.

With tremendous talent, love and desire to reach another lyrical level. Like no other, the style, the name: these men cannot be duplicated, something spectacular to offer. Their raps are crisp and to the point, they are a monster on the stage, and in the studio their creative nature invades the music. It can’t get more precise than that. Their versatility is proven in the many songs in which they have produced and written. Their rap style can be straight alternative rap and then back to a commercial, laid-back flow.


With a great collections of songs added to their catalog with ASCAP and their prime focus is to make a giant splash in the music publishing scene and build industry relationships and teaming up with Mervilton Records/T J C Communications Publishing, BMI and SUGO MUSC GROUP. Writing is the key to success. And they sure have written and recorded their material with such grace and precision.


I Am One Of A Kind, has a warm, with an edgy feel to his hip hop music feature with some awesome incredible musical arrangements, making it perfect for a Hip Hop Christian theme type themed TV/Film and Commercial Projects.



Michael Jackson, Dipset, Wu-Tang Clan, M.O.P, Roc-A-Fella, The Lox.



Dwayne Jackson

Leon Harris

Charles Caldwell















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