Peter Frank Santovito

Peter Frank Santovito, started his songwriting career at a very young age. A self-taught musician, Peter began performing at Age 14 at Church Halls, Dances and Matinees. Inspiration came from watching “The Beatles” perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Winner of numerous Songwriting Competitions and Contests, various prizes, including  Billboard World Song Contest, John Lennon Song Contest,  Yamaha’s North American Song Contest, American Song Festival and Hidden Hits where Peter received a phone call from DEE MURRAY, (Elton John’s Bass Player), congratulating him for writing a fine song!!! Peter is founding member of “BAY ROCKER’S Music Reunion Party” in NY and just recently had their 25th Anniversary with SRO in attendance!

Published by

Kolade Olamide

I am a poet , writer, beat maker, chef, songwriter, web designer, music promoter,digital marketer, blogger and director.

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