Jairus Daigle


JAIRUS DAIGLE aspires to walk in his dad’s footsteps toward great musicianship, being business-minded, and community service oriented.  His goals are to inspire other young people to get involved in the Arts and to enhance the awareness of Jazz Music throughout the world.   Well on his way to fulfilling his goals, Jairus is a 2014 Professional Music graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.


Just like his dad, Jairus began his journey as a musician at a very young age.  Jairus studied classical violin through private instructions with Mrs. Lisa Hoffpauir of Lake Charles, Louisiana and Mr. Paul Redding of Lake Charles, Louisiana by way of Shreveport, Louisiana and at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts-NOCCA, New Orleans, Louisiana (June 2008, June 2009).


Jairus originality takes the jazz lovers across the board with a touch of smooth jazz, rock jazz, jazz standards, and contemporary jazz.  His recordings include “It’s My Time” released March 2009, remastered in August 2013 and, “Roam Around The City” released September 2014.  He is presently working on his 3rd CD to be released Summer 2018.  His latest project included recording the video to his CD title track “Roam Around The City” in Cannes, France.

Jairus is a member of the Lake Charles Symphony Orchestra, City Heat R & B Band, and the leader of his own fusion jazz band, The Jairus Daigle Network, Berklee College of Music Alumni, and Horatio Alger Foundation Alumni.  He serves as an active staff member of the Jazz In The Arts Foundation in Lake Charles as mentor, educator, and performer.  He is co-owner of Cold Armor Productions, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and the Assistant Coordinator for the Jazz In The Arts Internship Program-Lake Charles.


Jairus has received the following mentionable honors:  the Mayor’s Key To The City, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority “Entertainment Award”, and the Black Heritage Foundation of Lake Charles “Entertainment Hall of Fame”.


While at Berklee College of Music, Jairus worked with the Berklee Stage Crew as a stagehand with live sound and light engineering and as a violinist with the Berklee Film Scoring Orchestra.  Jairus was also a part of Berklee’s Global Project, tutoring students in Cape Town, Africa via Skype on American jazz violin.  As a Horatio Alger Scholarship Recipient, Jairus has had the opportunity to perform for the organization during their awards ceremonies in Philadelphia and Washington, D. C., performing along with artists such as Sy Smith.  He was chosen among 3,000 artists to be highlighted at the Cutting-Edge NOLA Music Business Conference in August 2014 where he performed at Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club and at the conference and SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas.









Jonathan Burkett




Recording artist Jonathan Burkett has taken on the daunting task of launching his brand as an all-out, up and coming music artist and he is doing so successfully. Besides delivering great music for the people, John brings to the forefront of his empire a story that his fans not only accept and embrace but, also relate to. Jonathan Burkett does not just perform raps over popular hip hop beats; he has defined himself as “much more than simple entertainment.” Shifting his focus from the conventions of mainstream music, John delivers a style that is positive and vibrant. His relentless pursuit to design music that challenges the current state of both the indie circuit and commercial mega brands. The depth of his style rests within his personal journey which can be experienced through his productions. Facing a potential life-threatening surgery in 2005, Jonathan Burkett set forth to triumph in the wake of trials and adversity. John Blake faced his obstacles head on, finding motivation through faith and later sharing that experience with others through music and other works. Although the rise to stardom is a feat in of itself, John does not give up pushing onward to achieve the success that he desires while still impacting the lives around him. Jonathan Burkett is not just a rapper; his experience extends far beyond music. He is an author, poet, and lyricist. He is a published author who has received raving reviews from critics abroad. His book “Neglected but Undefeated: The Life of A Boy Who Never Knew A Mother’s Love” is a riveting autobiography about John’s painful childhood and his journey to find love and acceptance. His brand encompasses a broad vision that he graciously shares with his fans.








The Agency Operative

After picking up from Episode 1, The Agency Operative emerges with a new album Episode 2 – Agent on a Mission. Throughout his career, the agency operative has gone through a series of transformation to reach this point as a hip hop artist.  From writing in a journal to writing rhymes.   The Agency Operative went from playing trumpet to being a vocalist.

There was a setback in which AO had to take a hiatus.  Not seeing financial success on the first album, the Agency Operative was forced to hold back on setting out more projects.  The first project could’ve been the last.  The reason for making another project is AO does not give up so easily.  Even though Episode 1 did not reach financial success, the album did give AO a better look on how the music industry works.


Another reason for putting out another project is that the former graduate of TCNJ in 2009 has not seen much change in the economy.  The job market is still limited with job opportunities. Not much has changed from the first album in 2011 to the current album in 2015.   After graduation AO has only been working for jobs that are temporary and has not been offered a permanent position.  AO has decided to take his life in a new direction.


From the beginning AO was going by stage name King Kong.  The reason for the name change was due to getting legal rights to the name. King Kong came up with the name “The Agency Operative.”  Agency is an acronym (Agent Geared for Emissary to Navigate through Critical Conditions without Yielding).  Operative means secret agent.  The Agency Operative is the secret agent of The Agency Headquarters.  The Agency Headquarters is the name of the label.  The label was created in 2010 with the first single “So Hot.”


The Agency Operative is back on a mission.  The name of the album is Episode 2 – Agent on a Mission.  The album was released on iTunes and Google Play on December 11, 2015.  As an agent on a mission, the journey will continue to fulfill the mission statement.


The current status of A.O. is to continue with the mission.  Already putting in 7 years in the game and still going, A.O. strikes back with the third installment to his discography with Episode 3:  A Force to be Reckoned With.



Lisa Addeo


Sirius XM artist Lisa Addeo has 3 songs currently playing on Siriusly Sinatra. She plays and sings the Great American Songbook, jazzy pop piano and delivers soulful vocals with a sultry swoon.

In addition to being heard on Siriusly Sinatra, her self-released tribute to Frank Sinatra and her holiday CD can be heard on her own Pandora radio station. The combination of her arrangements plus her piano and vocal talents makes her stand out in a musical crowd.


Besides Siriusly Sinatra and Pandora, her music can be found everywhere from iTunes to Spotify to Amazon and more. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, Musicians Union Local 47 and ASCAP.


Lisa broke attendance records as a young adult playing piano alongside the legend Liberace as his protégé́ at Radio City Music Hall.


Fans describe her as a ‘world-class musician’ and say her music is ‘tenderly intimate, exquisitely arranged masterpieces, a joy to listen to.’


One fan wrote, “Prepare to fall in love with Lisa’s music. It will take you to a place you’ll want to stay.”


Review: Lisa Addeo is a piano player, singer, and songwriter whose tranquil works at times bridge new age, jazz, and easy listening. A protégé of Liberace who performed with the legend at Radio City Music Hall several times in her young adulthood, Addeo started playing the piano at age six. She began performing publicly by age nine and would go on to earn a degree in composing from the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. Her debut album, 1997’s In a Heartbeat, was a tribute to Frank Sinatra on which she covered mostly 20th century American standards with her trio. In contrast, 2000’s Hotel California included a version of the Eagles hit but featured mostly original songs. Subsequent releases included a Christmas album titled Spirit of the Holidays, Musical Inspirations, and Live at the Kerr, recorded with her band at a show in Scottsdale, Arizona. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You arrived in 2010, and 2012’s Whispering Souls offered ten delicately performed original instrumentals.








CD Baby











Mick J Clark




My name is Mick J Clark, I am a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, drums and keyboards. I have written over 50 songs and I have released three albums on The New Atlantic Records label, called ‘Notes One’, ‘Notes Two’ and ‘Notes Three. There are 12 songs on each album, Pop, Rock, Ballads, Country and Latin, which were released in 2014, and15. Hopefully my personality comes through in my songs, fun, emotional, rebellious, amusing and all of them heartfelt. I also have a Christmas E.P. out called ‘Mick’s Christmas Mix’, and I also have two songs on a Christmas Album called ‘The Indie Christmas Album’. Also this year I have two songs on a Summer Album called ‘Strictly Summer’ from the UK’s New Atlantic Records.

My albums are on ITUNES, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and Reverbnation.










Bishop Lawrence Hancock



Bishop Hancock is known for his no nonsense approach to leading God’s people yet maintains the heart of a shepherd as the Senior Pastor of the Final Harvest Church, Toledo, Ohio. As an upperclassman of the African-American Joint College of Pentecostal Bishops, Bishop Hancock is poised to continue to lead the church well into the 21st Century as he sits at the table with America’s Senior Episcopal Leaders!


Bishop Hancock has received awards including a full music proficiency scholarship in undergraduate school, and Songwriter/Director of the Year at the Thomas A. Dorsey Gospel Music Convention. Having completed Music Business credentials at Depaul University and the Berklee College of Music, Bishop Hancock continues to study to show himself approved as he is now approaching his final year of Law School at Concord Law School-Kaplan University. With a balanced learning schematic, Bishop Hancock is emerging as one of the premiere Christian Leaders in America that will continue to serve the Universal Church as a subject matter expert in Ministry Measurables, Policy Deployment, and Music Ministry.

The pride and joy of Bishop Hancock is his family in wife Kevina and children Lawrence, Jr. (LJ), Lauryn Richelle, and Isreal Williams! They are the motivation that thrusts him into deeper scholarship and a relentless quest in the Word of God to make disciples of people everywhere for harmonious living to the glory of God. Bishop Hancock distinctly embodies those characteristics of a servant of all…willing to advance the kingdom of God by any means necessary!















Toledo, OH – Lawrence Hancock, has emerged as one of the premiere artists/songwriter/producers in the U.S. notably on his Digital Radio Tracker Top 50 Gospel/Christian Chart #1 Song, “You Prosper Me, featured on the LP entitled, Live Again that debuted at No. 21 on the Billboard Gospel Album Sales Chart. The Album reentered at No. 21 on the Billboard Gospel Album Sales Chart two weeks later.  Chasing the November 2016 Release, is Hancock’s latest project, I’m Free!


Lawrence has compiled a 10-track album that is loaded with variety utilizing Gospel, Retro-Soul, and Hip-Hop themes.  His hit singles, “I’m Still Here” and “I’m Free,” are effectively impacting global radio. The Quartet feeling “Touch Me Again,” featuring Nikki D & Gloria Brown, is on deck as the next Single with early radio reviews generating enthusiasm.  Teaming up with BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Rap Champion B. Wills on “Incredible” and arguably the most effective Christian Hip-Hop Song to usher corporate worship “Perfect Timing, Hancock demonstrates his composition and producer skills that will impact Millennials.  Bishop didn’t forget about Sunday Morning on the hand clapping/head bobbing “Can’t Live,” a Choir Director’s dream.   Along the way, this Album gives listeners stops in several styles of Urban Christian Music making it truly a musical journey.


“When people put on this album, I want them to go from 1-10, and say I need to hear that again,” Hancock says. “I want them to hear the music and know it’s it about what sounds good or what you can hum to, but know the music came from my relationship with God and my experiences now that I’m Free.”


Bishop Lawrence Hancock, from the shadows of Detroit, MI is one who is a Servant-Leader in Toledo, Ohio who utilizes his gifts and talents refined at the DePaul University (Chicago, IL) and Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) as the senior leader of the Final Harvest Church.  God trusts Hancock to balance being a Pastor and an Artist…he knows which comes first…through life’s challenges…declaring to be free indeed!


I’m Free is available for Download on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play and other Digital Outlets on March 30, 2018!  All Digital Download proceeds will be granted to the Final Harvest Church Building Fund!  The project will also be available on Tidal, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.


Connect with Bishop Lawrence Hancock at Artistecard

for engagements, music, news, and social media.



Bishop Lawrence Hancock



Patrick DeVille


Patrick DeVille is a Singer/Songwriter. Patrick has played in a variety of groups over the years and is now doing a lot of solo work. You can find a lot of his work on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many other music platforms. He writes songs that you love to sing. Many of them echo the sixties and seventies in a songwriter mode that echoes those eras but are fresh as the “Sunshine”. Beautiful fun songs for today and every day.


Twitter: @Coupe1










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